Beheaded man in bathtub

ROSTOV-ON-DON, RUSSIA – JUNE 1, 2019 Mikhail Baklanov (Михаил Бакланов), 37, was murdered in his apartment by his drunken friend. He was visiting him when they were drinking together at his apartment. They allegedly got into an argument over money and the killer shot Mikhail twice in the head in a fit of rage. He then placed his body in a bathtub where he cut off his head (presumably in an attempt to dispose of the body).

Mikhail’s 31-year-old girlfriend was also present at the apartment at the time of the murder. He brutally raped her. However, she managed to escape and called for help.

During police interrogation, the killer said that Mihhail himself had asked him to kill him. The reason for this was said to be that he owed a sum of over 7 million rubles (equivalent to US$113,000), which he was unable to repay. However, investigators refuted his testimony.

Police interrogation of the killer

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