Terms of use

1. Entering GoreCenter.com

1.1  By entering GoreCenter.com, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use.
1.2  You agree that you have reached the age of majority according to the laws of the country in which you are a citizen.
1.3  You agree and acknowledge that you will be exposed to explicit content that some people may find disturbing.
1.4  You agree that you do not suffer from any mental disorder.
1.5  You agree that you do not suffer from any sexual paraphilia beyond your control.
1.6  You agree that when viewing this site you are alone in a room, in a non-public place and that no other person, especially a minor, will have access to the device from which you visited this site for at least 72 hours.

2. Uploading to GoreCenter.com

2.1  Uploading, promoting, or linking to any material related to child pornography is strictly prohibited. If you do so, you will be immediately reported to the police.
2.2  It is forbidden to upload, promote or link any material that refers to violence against animals.
2.3  You assume full legal responsibility for the files you upload.
2.4  Avoid uploading material to which you do not own the copyright.
2.5  The operator reserves the right to delete any content you upload at any time without giving reasons.

3. Using GoreCenter.com

3.1  Do not insult other users of the site.
3.2  Do not promote any conspiracy theory or non-democratic countries.
3.3  It is forbidden to spam or link to other websites with a similar theme in the comment section.
3.4  The final decision on what is an appropriate comment or spam rests with the administrator or designee.
3.5  If you are an unregistered user, a registered user without a subscription, or a user with a purchased “VIP content member” subscription, you are obliged to tolerate the display of advertisements on the website. Any attempts to bypass advertising may lead to permanent account ban.
3.6  If you suffer from any sexual paraphilia, especially sadism, and feel that viewing this site makes it difficult for you to control it, leave this site immediately and seek professional help.
3.7  Never share the content of this site publicly on social networks, even to minors. Warn the people you choose to share content with in advance of what they will be exposed to.

4. Creating a user account (registration)

4.1  By registering, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use.
4.2  The website operator reserves the right to close your account at any time without giving a reason.
4.3  A registered user account gives you the right to choose your own profile photo to be displayed with your comments. Make sure the character of your profile photo (avatar) doesn’t break any of the terms.
4.4  Never register more than one account.
4.5  Do not register an account for anyone other than yourself.
4.6  It is prohibited to allow other persons to access your user account.

5. Payment and membership

5.1  As a paying user, you are entitled to access VIP posts (in the case of VIP or Ultimate membership) or to view the website without ads (in the case of ADS Free or Ultimate membership).
5.2  If you decide to end your membership, the money until the end of the payment period is non-refundable.
5.3  By purchasing a membership (VIP, Ultimate) you are not purchasing the content or the copyright to it. You are only buying access to it.

6. Privacy policy

6.1  For non-registered users, we collect basic data such as the country they are from, the web browser and device they use. This data is obtained on the basis of cookies and IP address. We store your IP address in the format of the last three unknown numbers. When you enter your email when writing a comment, it will only be stored in the public part of the system and we will not handle it in any way.
6.2  We collect the same data for registered users as for non-registered users. With the difference that their email can be used for our marketing campaigns. We undertake to never make it available to 3rd parties.

If you do not agree with even a single rule, or if you disagree with any of them, please leave our site.

Terms of Use version 7/10/22