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Who we are?
We are a group of two friends and big fans of, which unfortunately is no longer with us. When bestgore ended, all that was left on the internet was an empty space for all fans of gore content. You can find alternatives, like gore forums, where pictures and videos are thrown one over the other without enough information. Media on such forums are usually hosted on external servers, where the links remain valid for only a few months. If you want to look at an image or video that was added a few years ago, the link usually doesn’t work anymore. You can also find news servers on the Internet that, in addition to gore content, also publish porn, fast cars, funny videos and other things that have nothing to do with gore. Last but not least, you may come across small sites that prioritize the quantity of published posts over their quality. In the summer of 2022, we decided to change that and fill this empty space on the Internet. The GoreCenter was born.

Why should you support us?
We have created a unique platform that hosts all videos and images on our server. Running a video server costs a lot of money because it is very performance intensive. So far our only income is from advertising. As you can see, there is a lot of it here. Unfortunately. Finding an ad provider that allows gore content is almost impossible. We found one of the few that allows such content, but it pays about 30x less than, for example, Google AdSense and others. So a lot of advertising is inevitable. Nevertheless, it is still not enough to cover all the costs of server operation.

Even with a small amount of money, you will also support the human work that we put into the website. We rely primarily on quality. When a user uploads some content, we manually try to verify the accuracy of the information the user has provided and look for more additional information. Approving and publishing one post thus costs one person at least 15 minutes of time.

Will I get something in return?
If the amount of your support will be the equivalent of more than 100 USD, please contact us using the contact form. We’ll give you a lifetime ad-free account. Don’t forget to mention your username and transaction details.

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