Decapitated and gutted girlfriend

CIUDAD DE GUATEMALA, GUATEMALA – JUNE 29, 2024 From the apartment in Los Álamos, zona 13, San Miguel Petapa, children’s cries were constantly heard. When the neighbors thought it was suspicious, they called the police. When they broke into the apartment, they were shocked. On the floor lay a headless female body with an open chest and abdominal cavity. The heart was pulled out of the body. Neither head nor heart was left in the apartment.

Police identified the victim of this brutal murder as 25-year-old Denisse Esperanza Sulecio Marcos. The crying baby was her 7-month-old daughter.

Denisse Esperanza Sulecio Marcos

Denisse Esperanza Sulecio Marcos

On July 3, 2024, a human head was found dumped near the crime scene. Although DNA analysis has not yet been carried out, it is almost certain that it is the head of Denisse.

The main suspect in the murder remains her boyfriend, who has been on the run until today. Neighbours said they often heard jealous and aggressive arguments from their apartment.

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