Drugged guy tortured and beheaded woman

SANTO TOMÁS, ATLÁNTICO, COLOMBIA – JUNE 14, 2024 Liliana Rosa Pertuz Castro, 27, was brutally tortured and beheaded. When the police arrived at the scene, called by neighbours who had heard a fierce argument, they found only her headless body on the ground with signs of torture.

Liliana Rosa Pertuz Castro

Liliana Rosa Pertuz Castro

She was murdered by a man known only as “El Chamo”. It’s not clear whether it’s her partner or a rival from the drug trade. Anyway, he was arrested by the police and hallucinogens were found in his blood.

El Chamo

El Chamo

Local radio said she was abducted to the house. She spent 3 days there and then tried to escape. But that angered the kidnapper and he decided to kill her.

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