Indonesian woman strangled and dumped by the road

KARAWANG, INDONESIA – MARCH 15, 2021 29-year-old Diah Korban went out on the town for a night partying. She told her parents that she would return home around ten o’clock in the evening. She posted a photo on Facebook that evening of her riding as a passenger on someone’s motorcycle. From the time the photo was published, she had approximately the last hour left to live (based on the doctor’s estimate of death).

At 6 a.m., her body was discovered dumped by the roadside by villagers. Her shirt and bra were pulled up to reveal her breasts. There was blood around her nose and mouth. So the villagers covered her with a banana leaf. Her personal belongings, such as a wallet and mobile phone, were found near the body in green, indicating that it was not a robbery.

An autopsy revealed the fact that the woman died as a result of strangulation.

TV report on her death 1
TV report on her death 2
Bystander footage
One of the last videos she shared on social networks
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