Pretty Russian girl butchered in morgue

NOYABRSK, RUSSIA – FEBRUARY 5, 2022 A young girl Kristina Levleva jumped or fell from the 5th floor window of a high-rise building in the city of Noyabrsk on Magistralnaya Street, Russia. She died on the spot.

Kristina Levleva

Kristina Levleva

The investigation revealed that her lover was also present in the apartment during her death. It is speculated that he was responsible for her death. He either threw her out of the window or drove her to commit suicide. According to the statements of Kristina’s friends, she was a self-confident girl who would never think about suicide. The man was arrested by the police. Based on the murder investigation, her body had to be subjected to a very thorough autopsy, photos of which were leaked to the Internet.


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