13-year-old girl murdered and raped over cell phone

VENTUROSA, BRAZIL – MARCH 27, 2017 Maria Vitória de Souza Melo, 13, was attacked by two young men in the street. They demanded that she hand over her mobile phone. She refused to do so.

Maria Vitória de Souza Melo

Maria Vitória de Souza Melo

The two robbers pulled out a knife and stabbed her to death. When they realised that they had committed murder, they did not care anymore and decided to satisfy their sexual need on the dying body of poor Maria. After they both took turns on her, they slit her throat.

Maria Vitória de Souza Melo

Her dead body

Maria was found a day later in an abandoned lot. The murder shocked the whole town and pressure was put on the police to catch the perpetrators as soon as possible. Soon enough, 19-year-old Jociel Pantaleão da Silva and his 16-year-old friend were convicted of the murder. However, neither his name nor his face has been made public.

Jociel Pantaleão da Silva & his 16y.o. friend

Jociel Pantaleão da Silva & his 16y.o. friend

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