16-year-old victim of attempted murder

MANAUS, BRAZIL – JULY 18, 2023 16-year-old girl has been missing for a week. She was last seen with some weird guy at a bar in the Jorge Teixeira district. Her family had been searching for her all along. They searched hospitals and morgues.

16-year-old victim of attempted murder

The girl

The devastated body of the girl was found in an industrial area of Manaus, at the end of Avenida Buriti. She was slowly dying. Her body showed signs of violence and torture. She had been strangled just before being found, but the perpetrator was probably disturbed and ran away before the murder was completed.

The girl was taken to hospital where doctors managed to save her life. Case is being investigated as attempted murder. The girl was very lucky, but she will suffer the psychological consequences for the rest of her life.

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