19-year-old rough oral used and then hanged by 3 men

ARGENTINA Case from a few years back. Three men, aged 30 and two 33 year olds, had picked up a cute 19 year old young man, who agreed for a very good monetary reward to be used for very rough throating oral sex. After they used him and while he was topless and still on his knees, they threw his vest to him. So to distract him. And while he was still on his knees, putting it on and zipping it up, they had attacked him and strangled him with a leather belt, till he passed out.

Then while he was passed out they had hanged him using the same belt, on the door. After which they had put his baseball cap back on his head and had also taped pink note to his body, handwritten with female sign.

Attached is one of the pics they took of him and that was found on one of their phones. Young man did not have any signs of anal penetration and his killers (after being caught) also denied that they were looking for any anal sex and only used him to blow them and to rough oral him. To see how it feels, with a slender and young feminine looking man. They also claimed that they were under heavy influence of drugs and that all was like in half-hazed dream (all testing blood cocaine positive) and denied that the murder was planned.

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