19-year-old university student found raped and dead

BANGKOK, THAILAND – NOVEMBER 19, 2016 A naked girl’s body was found near the accommodation facilities for students. She was naked and in a very sexual position with her legs spread apart. Due to the torn vagina, it was clear at first glance that she had been brutally raped. 3 pieces of used condoms were found next to her body. She had three stab wounds on her neck, which killed her.

The young lady was identified according to her student card, she was a 19-year-old Kopolpol Pibunsak, student of the prestigious University in Bangkok. Police estimated she died 12-24 hours ago. It launched a very intensive search for the perpetrator and even closed down entire city districts.

Kopolpol Pibunsak

Kopolpol Pibunsak

According to the police camera footage, it was found that the girl was being stalked by a man since she was withdrawing money from the ATM. They managed to identify him as 21-year-old Sommai Yasin, who was the girl’s roommate from the building next door. He was arrested and confessed to the murder.

Sommai Yasin

Sommai Yasin

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