9-year-old girl raped and murdered by pedophile

CURITIBA, BRAZIL – 2008 The dead body of only 9-year-old Rachel Maria Lobo Oliveira Genofre was found in a plastic apartment inside the trunk of a car. A police investigation confirmed that she had been raped. However, the killer could not be found.

Rachel Maria Lobo Oliveira Genofre

Rachel Maria Lobo Oliveira Genofre

11 years later, in 2016, 52-year-old Carlos Eduardo dos Santos, who at the time was serving 22 years in prison for other crimes, confessed to the police. He testified that he spotted little Rachel as she walked home from school by his house every day. One day he lured her to his home under the pretense of being a producer of children’s television shows. He sexually abused her at home and when the girl screamed for help, he decided to kill her.

Carlos Eduardo dos Santos

Carlos Eduardo dos Santos

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