Abused girl commits suicide

TOKIO, JAPAN – JUNE 1, 2017 Pitchie Bunquin Inoue, born Pitchie Pingol Bunquin, was a Filipino worker in Japan. She was a victim of repeated sexual abuse by members of her family. She could not take it anymore mentally and committed suicide. She uploaded a video on Facebook in which she swallows a handful of pills. But before that, she named all her family members who committed sexual violence against her.

In the video she names her father, Sergio Bagos Bunquin; her uncle, Bagos Bunquin and her two brothers, Joey Pingol Bunquin and Louie Pingol. All of them allegedly raped her on a regular basis. She also mentioned her mother, who she said knew about everything but kept it a secret. She admitted that she was once a drug user, but quit because she had a baby.

Unfortunately, Pitchie was successful in her suicide. She was buried a few days later. She left behind a husband and a child.

Hello. I am Pitchie Bunquin Inoue. I just want to say, I wish I have other way to prove myself. I am a rape victim. It is questionable from them. My father, as well as my two oldest brothers, molested me. My paternal uncle also raped me. And for you, brother dear, if a crazy man does nothing, you call me everything. All of my struggles with my family you want to prove, you will be afraid because it will be funny. It is funny since then. Family, without family because the family does not do that way. I am a [drug] user, yes. But, I did not become an addict. And, I changed my life. I fixed myself for my son and for my husband. I loved you all as [one] family. You put a mark on me. Family. Whatever happens, we are family. But, is it a family, the real family, if a father molests [his] child? He releases his tongue out. His whole body penetrates on a vagina. You do nothing. I do nothing. I have no fear. No, sorry. They have no fear. Your companions in Qatar, they are so mean. Of many who can guide, there are many women, why me [due] to your brothers? I thought, I am the only one. There is a previous one before me. What did you do? You, third, even if you are pleasant, do you think you are a perfect person, as well as your life you have? What did you achieve? To feed child[ren]? I do more than you. So, what did you say to me? That, I want to commit suicide here in Japan, okay I’ll give you. But, remember this. Everything will go back against you, especially you. And to my beloved mother, mommy, why? Why did you take care of them? You know that you did nothing. Nothing. You are ashamed of people that they will embarass you and make fun of you. Don’t you think what I feel everyday? Sleeping, waking up in the morning, my feeling of angry of why did I rely and listen to you. Logging out, Pitchie Bunquin Inoue. All I want is justice, respect.
(Her camera aimed on all pills she opened)
By the way, that’s for you, Joey.
(She then ingested all the pills mixed with water to digest all of them)
By the way, no one will get my son but me. You will get nothing. Father, I love you so much. I have respect for you. You loved my son. Thank you. You accepted that this is my history. Thank you.
(Shortly after the video ended, she eventually suffered a cardiac arrest that resulted in her death)

Pitchie Bunquin Inoue

Photo from her funeral

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