Accidental death during LiveJasmin erotic live show

He was live streaming it from his profile on an erotic live cam network “LiveJasmin”. His profile indicated his age as 27. Their policy is to have any profile created to submit real id proof of age. And it is them who put the age on profile, not the profile creators. So chances are very high that he was indeed 27. Went by the name “loveroughxx1xx”. His page was gone right after this session. That is all the info I have.

Was jerking off with a condom on (I guess so will not need to clean up loads of cum from carpet and his clothes after done) and strangling himself with the help of canned food as a counterweight. While intensely slapping himself. Until passing out from bag’s heavy weight pull on the noose and hanging himself to death.

Do you have more informations?
Do you have more photos or videos?
Can you provide us (better) translation?

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 Category: Accidents, Self-mutilation

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