Beheading by Mexican cartel

TABASCO, MEXICO – FEBRUARY, 2024 Video shows the execution of a man by a Mexican cartel. After reading a threatening message, they beheaded him.

For all those filthy individuals who are in bed with the district attorney. El Mariachi, El Ministerial, and Altos, active duty agent for the Ministerial Police. Mr. Prosecutor, your employees are getting involved in different areas of crime.
They’re extorting and kidnapping citizens. There is evidence that they’re doing this with your permission. This is what citizens from the towns of Macuspana and Jalapa mentioned. And if we capture them committing evil deeds we will fucking destroy them.
They’re gathering in Huimanguillo and Cunduacán to give the municipal policemen support. The operatives from the Cartel del Aeropuerto and Irasema need to straighten out their men. Otherwise, we’re going to fucking kill them.

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