Beheading of 19 year old Débora Bessa

RIO BRANCO, BRAZIL – JANUARY 9, 2018 A 19-year-old girl, whose full name is Débora Freitas Bessa, disappeared on January 9, 2018. 2 days later, her family learned that the girl had been kidnapped during a robbery in the city of Rio Branco in the Brazilian state of Acre. A short time later, a video of her execution began circulating on social networks.

Débora Freitas Bessa

The footage shows Debora on her knees begging for her life, saying she did nothing wrong. But one of the men, the one holding the machete, tells the girl to look at the camera and tells her that she was guilty of killing his brothers. Further footage shows them cutting off her head and stabbing her in the stomach.

According to her sister Sarah Bessa, Débora was a member of a drug cartel but decided to leave them because she wanted a better life for her 5-year-old daughter. Some sources state that Debora was supposed to be hiding from the gang in church.

The police launched an intensive investigation because the case received quite a bit of media attention. They managed to catch one of the men in the video – the one with the machete. And then one woman, Luciele Souza do Nascimento, who was also supposed to participate in the execution. Both were sentenced by the court to 60 years in prison. After the appeal, however, he managed to reduce the sentence “only” to 36 and a half years. According to some sources, the two were supposed to be members of the well-known Brazilian cartel Comando Vermelho (CV).


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