Brutal Mexican lynching for murder of 8-year-old girl

TAXCO, MEXICO – MARCH 27, 2024 Three people were brutally lynched in the Mexican state of Guerrero. They were accused of the kidnapping and murder of an 8-year-old girl, Camila G.O. Ana Rosa Díaz Aguilar, 30, was the prime suspect and died after being taken to hospital. Two men she was working with were also taken to hospital but survived.

Camila G.O.

Camila G.O.

8-year-old Camila was found dead in the La Florida neighborhood. The CCTV footage that was leaked to the public convicted the three perpetrators in the public eye. Residents gathered in front of Ana’s house and demanded her arrest. However, the police did not find the evidence sufficient to make an arrest and when they announced this to the public, a lynching began.

Although police tried to protect Ana, the force of the angry mob was greater. They managed to pull Ana out of the police car by her hair and beat her to death.

Video 1 - The CCTV Footage
Video 2 - The Lynch
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