Car accident involving 3 girls

CHINA – JULY 5, 2017 While traveling on a motorcycle, 3 girls collided with a bus and fell under the wheels of a moving car. Two of them were 6th grade students and one was a junior high school student. Two girls died, one was seriously injured. Two girls died on the spot and one with serious injuries after being taken to hospital.

Video 2 - Aftermath
Video 1 - Traffic accident footage

Persons involved: Zhong Lingying (钟灵英), female, born on June 5, 2004, from Tangbei Village, Gongan Town; Zhong Jun, female, born on February 24, 2004 in Tangbei Village, Gongan Town. Her father is Zhong Yingde (钟英德). Both of them are Grade 6 students in Tangbei Primary School,. The other is Zhong Lijiao (钟丽娇), a junior high school student in the same village.

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