Group of hit men murder 11-year-old boy

GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR – SEPTEMBER 7, 2023 A group of assassins arrived outside the repair shop where their target was supposed to be. Without thinking, they immediately opened fire on the entire group of people outside the shop.

Two men and an 11-year-old boy, Joaquín, died on the spot, and his death can be seen in the CCTV footage. Six people, including two young girls, were injured. The biggest irony is that their main target hid in a car and survived the attack.

The police pursued the hitmen, but because the pursuit went through ghettos such as Ciudad Perdida and Mosquito, local residents vetoed the work of the police. For example, they laid logs with nails on the road so that police cars could not pass. Only one perpetrator was arrested, who fell off his motorbike during the pursuit. The rest managed to escape by boat.

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