Guy stabbed his girlfriend and then attempted suicide in front of police

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA The incident took place in the Merlo district. A man stabbed his girlfriend to death. When police arrived at the scene, he attempted suicide by stabbing himself. The police tried to stop him by firing rubber bullets, but they could not approach him.

M : The first ! come on
M : Let the first come on and I hit in the head
Cop : Mati stay quiet there , stay quiet here dont stand up
M: Kill me this is what i want, kill me (dont Stand up) kill me
M : I see, they are coming to grab me, hes here! I see him (Stay quiet there) No, I dont wanna do anything, shoot me in the head (throw the knife) – first shoot (throw the knife!) No, kill me, no (throw the knife!) – second shoot – No, I dont thorw it – (throw that) – shoot me (throw that) third shoot..

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3.7 /5
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