Israeli woman murdered by Hamas

PALESTINE – OCTOBER 7, 2023 Shani Louk was a 30-year-old Israeli-German tattoo artist who participated in a hippie peace and love festival in Israel. Unfortunately for her, the festival took place at a time when the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas launched one of the biggest attacks on Israel in history. They got to the venue of the concert and started shooting people indiscriminately. Many women from the concert were abducted to the territory of Palestine.

Shani was not only kidnapped but executed and her body was subsequently desecrated. As can be seen in the video, she was thrown half-naked onto the back of the pickup truck, and when the car drove off, one of the onlookers spat on her.

Thanks to her tattoos all over her body, her mother Ricarda Louk was able to identify Shani. The video with Shani began to spread across the Internet and thus became an imaginary symbol of the cruelty of the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Shani Louk's last dance on the festival


//ADD INTO POST – NOVEMBER 17, 2023: Thanks to an unregistered user for adding a video of her last dance at the festival.

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