Mentally ill guy stabbed his two sisters to death

MACEIÓ, ALAGOAS, BRAZIL – SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 Three people were found dead in an apartment in the Pinheiro neighbourhood. They were all lying in a pool of blood. It was found that a mentally ill 20-year-old Felipe Vasconcelos had stabbed to death his 19-year-old sister and 23-year-old sister in the early hours of the morning. He then committed suicide. The bodies had been lying there all day until they were found by their mother, who had returned from work at night.

Felipe Vasconcelos

Felipe with his sisters Amanda & Maria

It was discovered that Felipe suffered from bipolar disorder. First he attacked his 19-year-old sister Maria Clara Vasconcelos with a knife. When 23 year old Amanda saw this, she rushed to help but was stabbed in the neck and bled to death. When Felipe realized what he had done, he stabbed himself several times in the neck with a knife. But before that, he wrote the word “help” in blood on the wall.

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