Murder of Otýlie Vranská

CZECHOSLOVAKIA (CZECH REPUBLIC) – SEPTEMBER 1, 1933 Otýlie Vranská was a Slovak prostitute living in Prague, the capital of the former Czechoslovakia. Her murder is probably the most notorious criminal case in the Czech Republic, because it was never solved.

Otýlie Vranská

Otýlie Vranská

On September 2 in Bratislava, an abandoned suitcase was discovered on a train coming from Prague. Her severed head and lower limbs were found inside. On the same day, a similar suitcase containing a female torso was found on a train in Košice, Slovakia.

All of her remains were taken back to Prague, which was the designated location where the suitcases were loaded onto the train. Police officers managed to identify the victim as 22-year-old Otýlie Vranská.

New police methods determined with 80% accuracy that her murderer was her client and his mistress. She had been murdered in the heat of an argument. Her remains were loaded onto the train because he worked at the train station.


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