Murder of wife out of jealousy

TEREZÓPOLIS DE GOIÁS, BRAZIL – MARCH 20, 2015 The manager of the farm, located at kilometer 128 between Goiânia and Terezópolis de Goiás murdered his own wife. The drunk became jealous and strangled the poor 30-year-old Josania Agostinho da Rocha to death.

He then went to another farm employee, confessed to him and asked him to help him hide the body. But he did the right thing, discussed the whole thing with his lawyer and decided to call the police to the scene.

The man initially denied the murder, claiming that his wife had suddenly left for Tocantins. But after a long interrogation at the police station, he finally confessed to the crime and led police to her dead body. He testified that she had intended to divorce him for another man.

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