Pretty 18-year-old girl had a fatal motorcycle accident

MANAUS, BRAZIL – NOVEMBER 24, 2022 18-year-old Vanessa Freitas Garcia was involved in a fatal traffic accident while returning on her motorcycle with a passenger from a bar where she watched the World Cup (Brazil vs. Serbia).

The accident happened on Desembargador João Machado street in the Alvorada neighborhood in the Brazilian city of Manaus. The entire accident was captured by a security camera. The consequences of the accident then accidental witnesses. The accident was very fast. The girl lost her balance on her motorcycle and fell. At the moment she was falling, another motorcycle ran over her head, killing her instantly. Her passenger survived the accident and left the scene of the accident on his own two feet.

Video 1 - Bystander footage
Video 2 - CCTV footage
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