Prisoners gutting their cellmates

BRAZIL It’s like a video from a slaughterhouse. Prisoners took advantage of a prison riot to attack their fellow inmates who were members of the rival PPC (Primeiro Comado do Capital) cartel. They killed several of them, cut off their heads and gutted their corpses. Their entrails and hearts were thrown into a bucket.

Bandit recording:
Look here what happens with the PCC (criminal faction here in Brazil), pay attention… look, you already know…
look what happens… oh, PCC
[background]: one more heart
Bandit Recording: Fuck, can you tell… wait… fuck! it stinks as fuck.. look, that’s all
there’s more not this one?! there’s one here oh… FULL OF PCC HEART… what time is it?
[background]: it’s 6:10 (AM~PM not sure, it doesn’t say in the video if it’s afternoon or morning)
bandit recording: fuck you guys fucked
their pussies (here he was calling dead guys pussy) January 1st… it’s up to you who’s in charge and we’re in this shit here, it’s no use putting your chin no, pussy
this is just for you guys to connect at the stop, do you understand?
don’t put your chin on this shit here
if y’all wanna come come because y’all fuck you assholes
this is the “stop – Parada”
and there is “Parada” [Giria], which means something. Ex.: I heard about a “Parada” [thing]… that’s it) you know?
this is the “Parada”… that’s all
we don’t want… confusion, yea man, but look, First Command of the Capital (PCC – Primeiro Comando da Capital)… bigger naughty of you, pussy
who’s in charge is us
where is it? fuck! where is it? is he still alive?
say goodbye
… it’s heavy, it stinks as fuck
I go after my brother who gives me more profit, later I come back.

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