Stabbed and partially decapitated 19-year-old girl

BRAZIL Macela Alves Leite, 19, spent the night drinking alcoholic beverages with her sister and aunt. When they ran out of alcohol, Macela went to a local bar to buy a bottle of brandy. But she never went back.

Macela Alves Leite

Macela Alves Leite

She was brutally murdered on the way to the bar. Someone stabbed her nine times and almost cut her head off.

Police have arrested three underage boys in connection with the case. One was 16 and one was 17. They denied it at first, but when blood-stained clothes were found at their home, they finally confessed to the crime. They said the motive was that Macela had stolen about US$50 in cash from them and refused to return it.

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