The Black Dahlia

LOS ANGELES, USA – JANUARY 15, 1947 The original post “The Black Dahlia” from the gore site (which is sadly no longer with us) shows photos of the body of the murdered Elizabeth Short, known as the Black Dahlia.

Elizabeth Short, posthumously known as the “Black Dahlia” was an American woman who was found murdered in Leimert Park in Los Angeles. Her case became highly publicized mainly because of the gruesome nature of the crime. Her corpse was cut in half at the waist. Her body was completely drained of blood, leaving her skin completely white. Her face was cut from the corners of her mouth to her ears, creating the effect of the famous Glasonian smile. She also had several cuts on her breast and was missing chunks of flesh that had been cut off. Her intestines were under her buttocks and her legs were spread apart.

Because the case was highly publicized, several suspects emerged during the investigation who turned themselves in to the police because they wanted to gain visibility. However, the police never managed to catch the real killer.


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