The last tape of Ricardo Lopez

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA, USA – SEPTEMBER 12, 1996 The video shows the full last footage from the video diary of Ricardo López, who was also known as “the Björk stalker”. It shows his suicide, when he shoots himself in the mouth with a revolver.

He earned his nickname mainly due to his obsession with the Icelandic singer Björk. He followed her career with great interest and collected detailed information about her life. Over time, he became more detached from reality.

Ricardo kept a diary in which he charted his feelings. Very often he felt inadequate and inferior. Mainly because of his obesity, gynecomastia and low-paying job as an exterminator.

When Björk found a lover, Ricardo became very jealous and wondered how he could get revenge on her. From this time he began recording his diary on videotapes. Mostly on the records he thinks about revenge. He shot a total of 11 of them, each containing two hours of footage.

He originally thought of building a bomb filled with HIV-positive blood and syringes to detonate in her presence. This would satisfy his desire to have a lasting influence on her life. However, realizing that building a similar bomb was utopian, he attempted to build a bomb filled with acid, which was planted in a book he sent to the singer’s address. After sending the bomb, he committed suicide in the hope that he would meet the singer in heaven and they would be united.

The suicide is at 25:30



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