Woman dismembered her husband’s corpse in front of their son

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – JULY, 2020 Alexander Yushko, 30, better known by his stage name Andy Cartwright, was a famous Russian rapper of Ukrainian origin. Like almost every artist, he tried drugs, which he unfortunately became addicted to. When his wife, Marina Kukha, 36, came home one day, she found him dead – he had taken an overdose.

Drugs are a huge taboo in Russian society. A junkie is considered trash there and the bottom of the social ladder. Marina wanted to preserve the singer’s reputation and decided not to announce his death. Instead, she was formulating a plan to do just that, to dispose of the body so she could report Alexander missing.

After 4 long days, she decided to cut his body open and dispose of it piecemeal. Using a knife, saw and hammer, she cut his body into small parts, which she kept in the refrigerator. She washed his insides in the washing machine. All this was happening in front of their 2-year-old son.

Alexander Yushko

His dismembered body

But Alexaneder was reported missing by his friends before his wife could do so. When the police unexpectedly burst into the apartment, they got a shocking sight.



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