Woman was executed on street

MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA – JANUARY 26, 2020 28-year-old Estefani Ortega Zavala was no saint. She was actively involved in the drug trade in the city. While enjoying a night out on the town with a group of their friends, unknown gunmen approached her and shot her right in the street. At first, the investigators worked with the version that the murder had a subtext in her drug activities.

Estefani Ortega Zavala

Estefani Ortega Zavala

However, the investigation revealed the fact that her ex-boyfriend Alfonso José Olivares Urdaneta was behind the murder of Estefani. He hired the 21-year-old hitman Ángel Alberto Farías Morán and another criminal nicknamed ‘El Angelito’ and together they planned the crime.



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