Woman was found dead in cooling box

CAMBODIA, 2018 29-year-old Khoeun Theany was found dead in a cooling box. The murderer was 31-year-old Soeun Sopheng.

According to all available information, Khoeun was his childhood sweetheart. However, she went to Seoul, South Korea to work as a laborer to earn money. A few days after her return, her dead body was found.

Soeun was tracked down and caught by the police before long. He confessed to the murder. The reason he gave was that he owed the woman a lot of money (about $2,000). By deed, he wanted to erase this debt and at the same time seize the money that the woman had brought with her from Korea.

In a police statement, the man said he placed the decoy in her room to stun her. He then used a meat cleaver to cut up the body. He put her body in a box and took it to nature. In the process, he took all their money and valuables, such as an iPhone 6. He also took her motorcycle and sold it to his brother.


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