Two 14-year-old boys smashed woman’s head with stone

GUARATINGA, BRAZIL – OCTOBER 13, 2013 Iara Amaral de Oliveira, 31, a mother of five, told her husband she was going to a friend’s house to take care of her children. She lied. In fact, she went to a bar where she consumed alcohol and debt. She never returned home.

Iara Amaral de Oliveira

Iara Amaral de Oliveira

On her way out of the bar, she was assaulted by two 14-year-old boys. They totally smashed her head in with a rock. Some sources say that their motive was to murder a human being, and the drunken Iara was a suitable victim. Other sources say the boys were thrown out of the bar and decided to take revenge on the woman.

Iara Amaral de Oliveira

Arrested 14-year-old murderers

Both were arrested by the police shortly after the crime. A note was found in the woman’s pocket with the amount owed for the alcohol she drank at the bar.

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