Wrong use of a YouTube tutorial by some teenagers in Indonesia

WEST JAVA, INDONESIA – OCTOBER 13, 2022 A group of three teenage boys in West Java, Indonesia, were known to be playing with firecrackers that they made themselves using YouTube tutorials. They went to a field quite far from the settlement and lit the firecrackers there. As expected, because they only followed a tutorial from YouTube, something terrible happened when one of the teenagers started lighting the firecrackers. The firecrackers exploded too quickly and caused the three of them to fly.

One of them died on the spot because he was the closest teenager and the one who lit the firecrackers. One of them who helped to hold the firecrackers had to lose his hand, which was destroyed by the explosion. Meanwhile, a teenager who makes firecrackers only uses YouTube tutorials, who was also the teenager who bounced the furthest without experiencing any injury.

The third teenager, the one who got up first, was shocked to see the dead body of one of his friends lying destroyed by the explosion and the other friend, who was in pain, saw his hand which was destroyed by the explosion. The third teenager tried to carry his friends to get help, and this is when the video was recorded.

Remember, the person who posted this has done some research and really talked to the traumatized victim, and they have a request to censor most of the story (including the victim’s name and location) without changing the main event. This is why the video was recorded on October 13, 2022, and uploaded on April 16, 2024, because of the long research of the truth behind the video.

Moral of the story: Don’t abuse tutorials from YouTube, which can have fatal consequences

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