Young Asian woman brutally bullied and raped

The video shows the brutal bullying of a young Asian (presumably Chinese) woman. A bunch of girls brutally beat her and kick her. They then rape her with a glass bottle, which they shove into her pussy and ass. They have no mercy for her. The video was released on the social network TikTok, where in a very short time it was enough to outrage many people. It was then removed.

MODERATOR’S COMMENT: I debated for a long time whether to approve this post due to concerns that it was child pornography. I ended up approving the post because I figured the girl in the video was over 18. She has large breasts, developed pubic hair, her peers in the video have tattoos and smoke cigarettes. If you have more information about this case that would prove the girl is under 18, please leave a comment or use the “Add into post” button below. The video will be deleted or censored immediately. Please note that child pornography is against our site rules and against the law. If anyone uploads content here that clearly shows child pornography, they will be immediately reported to the police.

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4.1 /5
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