Young mother hanged herself

A 27-year-old woman, mother of four children (the youngest child was only 6 months old), was found hanged in her house by her neighbor. The motive was supposed to be an argument with her husband. He left for work and they had a lot of arguments over Facetime.

The hanged woman

At first, the neighbors suspected her husband and thought that he had murdered the woman and arranged it to make the whole event look like a suicide. But the police failed to prove this. The husband had a strong alibi about his whereabouts at the time of her death. All his colleagues testified that he was at work. In addition, the police managed to get a recording of their Facetime call, where the woman even threatened suicide. No other traces of violence were found on her body.

The police were also able to prove that the knot the woman made from the curtain exactly matched the strangulation gash on her neck. Extremes were also found in her underwear and urine under her feet. These signs clearly indicate that the woman died by hanging.


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