Young Muslim woman blows herself up on military base

GROZNY, CHECHEN, RUSSIA – NOVEMBER 17, 2018 Karina Spiridonova, 25, was fanatical about militants supporting the Islamic State. She wore a suicide vest with explosives and blew herself up at a military base. But her attack was a complete failure because she only killed herself. The blast ripped her to shreds and exposed her tits, which as a Muslim, she certainly wouldn’t have liked.

She left a note addressed to Allah before the attack, in which she wrote “Forgive me” 21 times.

Karina Spiridonova

The note

Before she became a Muslim, Karina was a normal woman. She was partying and drinking alcohol. Her dream was to become a teacher. But then she came under the influence of a radical imam and married a radical Muslim.

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