17-year-old girl stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend

CORONEL SAPUCAIA, BRAZIL – DECEMBER 27, 2014 Adan Júnior da Silva Camargo, 18, could not accept the end of his relationship with Alessandra Lopes de Sozo, 17. When she found a new boyfriend, 24-year-old Fabiano da Silva, he kept imagining them having wild sex together. Jealousy drove him to commit a horrible act.

Under the influence of drugs and armed with kitchen knives, he broke into her new boyfriend’s house, where Alessandra was at the time. He turned the house into a horror scene. He attacked everyone inside, including Fabiano’s parents – 44-year-old Pedrina Félix da Silva and 46-year-old Edson Clarindo da Silva. The intensity of the attack was so great that he broke the blades of two knives.

Alessandra died. All the others were a little luckier and after being taken to hospital, doctors managed to save their lives despite their serious injuries. The attacker was lynched by residents before police arrived and then taken into custody.

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