19-year-old female student beaten to death

POWERVIEW-PINE FALLS, MANITOBA, CANADA – APRIL 22, 2017 Serena Chelsea McKay, 19, who lived in a small town in Manitoba, Canada, was excited about buying her first car and looked forward to traveling the world after graduation. But she never got that opportunity. She was murdered just a month before graduation.

Serena Chelsea McKay

Serena Chelsea McKay

She was invited to a party by her high school classmates. Shortly after 1:00 a.m., she got into a fight with 16-year-old Chrissy Jacobs and 17-year-old Lynnae Cook. She was dragged outside and assaulted. Chrissy punched her in the face several times with force while Lynnae filmed the attack on her cell phone. Serena begged the girls to stop, but they ignored her pleas.

Chrissy screamed, “I don’t want to fucking see her alive!” and held her arms while Lynnae stomped on her face until she stopped moving. You can even hear the sound of Serena’s bones cracking in the video.

When a male voice from the background of the video announced to Chrissy and Lynnae that Serena was done (dead), Chrissy still wasn’t satisfied. She punched her in the face several times with her fist even though Serena was no longer responding. They then stripped her naked, thinking that this would make the police investigate her murder as a sexual assault. They then all returned to the house, continued the party, and weak Serena froze to death outside.

The exact motive for the altercation that led to the murder was never revealed. Some sources claim that Chrissy was furious over rumors that Serena was interested in her boyfriend. Other sources say the altercation was over alcohol.

However, the killers made a fatal mistake and shared the video on social media, where it began to spread at lightning speed. Within days, Chrissy and Lynnae were arrested by police and charged with murder. They both confessed, but as juveniles were sentenced to just over 3 years in prison.




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