22-year-old woman stabbed to death

SAN JOSÉ DE MATANZAS, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – MAY 20, 2022 In the province of María Trinidad Sánchez, a 22-year-old woman, identified as Yudith Laurenzo, was stabbed to death. At least 15 stab wounds were found on her body.

María Trinidad Sánchez

María Trinidad Sánchez

The perpetrator was 19-year-old Crisleidy Ramírez Vidal. The two girls were colleagues at work and almost neighbors because they lived together in the Sabana Perdida neighborhood. The motive was probably a personal dispute between the girls.

Yudith Laurenzo

Yudith Laurenzo

Police said Crisleidy attacked María in her sleep. She tried to defend herself for a while, but she had no chance against the intensity of the attack and the moment of surprise.

//ADD INTO POST – FEBRUARY 5, 2023 – Thanks to an unregistered user for providing more detailed information (names of girls) and 7 photos.

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