500 Conto / Seu buceta video

BRAZIL, 2015 One of the most viral gore videos on the internet from 2015 is called “500 Conto” or “Seu buceta”. It shows the murder of a boy with a pronounced overbite.

The boy was a street gun dealer. Probably worked for a gang. He was approached by a man who wanted to buy a gun and negotiated the price. He was offering 500 conto. But the boy refused. The man replied “Seu buceta” (fucking pussy) and shot him in the head in cold blood.

A lot of wannabe funny memes were created based on this video. In 2023, this video went viral again on the social network Tik Tok. However, people thought it was fake when sharing it. Unfortunately, the story is true.

Video 1 - Murder
Video 2 - The "500 conto" boy
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