Aggressive driver shot dead a guy and seriously injured his girlfriend

UFA, RUSSIA – JUNE 9, 2019 A dispute between two drivers resulted in death and serious injury. A young couple inside a Lada vehicle did not give priority to the Toyota Corolla driver. The 25-year-old Toyota driver got angry, pushed the Lada off the road, grabbed a hunting rifle and started shooting.

The driver of the Lady was hit fatally and was pronounced dead at the scene. His 24-year-old girlfriend was seriously injured. Fortunately, she received first aid in time.

The incident took place near the bus stops where there were several people. Everyone was left shocked.

Meanwhile, the attacker put his car in the back seat and smashed all the windows of the Lada. Then climbed onto the roof of the car and started frantically jumping on it. He surrendered when the police arrived. He was charged with murder and attempted murder, for which he faces up to 15 years behind bars.

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