American man fell from 39th floor in Bangkok

BANGKOK, THAILAND – FEBRUARY, 2016 Darel Wayne Davenport Jr. was a 54-year-old American from Colorado who lived and did business in Thailand. He owned a go-go bar on the infamous Soi Cowboy red light district in Bangkok.

He fell from the 39th floor while trying to climb over his neighbor’s balcony because he forgot his keys. He crashed through the roof into the family home, which was located directly below that balcony. At least that’s the official version of the Thai police investigation.

Problems in his personal life may indicate that he committed suicide or was even murdered. He suffered serious financial problems after members of a rival bar attacked his staff. He was paranoid, and he fired a lot of his go-go dancers. He was addicted to cocaine and alcohol and even spent some time in prison in Pattaya. In the last days before his death, his supplier even cut off the water to his bar because he wasn’t paying his bills. He also wrote confused Facebook posts begging his go-go dancers to come back.


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