Conflict between two men in Bronx

BRONX, NEW YORK, USA – NOVEMBER 3, 2022 The conflict between two men (21 and 29 years old) was captured by security cameras in the Bronx. The 21-year-old man was armed with a knife, the 29-year-old man with a gun. In the video, a man with a knife can be seen stabbing a man with a gun inside the store before running away. Before he can run up to his car, a man with a gun catches up to him and opens fire with his gun. The whole incident is seen by 3 plainclothes police officers who are nearby and start shooting at the man with the gun. He was hit and died as a result of his injuries. The stabbed, 29-year-old man ran away. But he did not run far. He was found lying with a laceration to his head and taken to hospital. His condition was stabilized. The reason for the conflict is still under investigation by the police.

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