Couple executed by a Mexican drug cartel

MEXICO Members of a Mexican drug cartel called the CDN have captured a young couple they say are members of the rival CDG cartel from the city of Mante, Mexico.

In the interview, which you can hear in the video, the young woman says her name is Frida Mariana Domíngues Cantú and the man gave his name as Sergio Alvardo Rodríguez. Both said they live in the city of Rio Bravo Tamaulipas and that someone transported them with the CDG group to the city of Mante.

Frida Mariana Domíngues Cantú

Sergio goes on to say that he was forced to decapitate the two men or the gang would hurt his family.

Unfortunately, we only have a censored video. If anyone has an uncensored video, please use the “Add into post” button below.

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