Execution of Maria Fernada Garcia Alvarez

MEXICO The video shows the full footage of the execution of only 16-year-old Maria Fernada Garcia Alvarez. Maria has been missing since July 15, 2021. A few months later, a gruesome video of her execution began circulating on gore sites and reddit. The cartel members cut her throat as Maria screams and cries.

Maria Fernada Garcia Alvarez

Screenshot from the police website

Due to the popularity of the video, the police tried to clarify the case of her murder. Unsuccessfully. The perpetrators were never caught.


-Tell your name
Maria Fernanda García Alvarez
-Who was the person who ordered you to infiltrate with us?
Fernando Mendoza
-Who planned all this shit you’ve been doing?
Fernando and Francisco
-Who are the persons who are infiltrated with us actually? Name or nickname.
Oscar and someone else
-Who did you report on everything we did?
To Fernando Mendoza
-Now you see, if you want to play with us…

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3.9 /5

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