Father and daughter executed by cartel

EL VICARIO, MEXICO Two headless bodies with a message were found in Mexico by the side of the road near the town of El Vicario. According to the message, a drug cartel is responsible for the murder. If any of you speak Spanish, please translate the message. Use the “Add into post” button below.

//JANUARY 2, 2023 UPDATE: Thanks to an unregistered user for providing a partial translation of the message from the cartel.

I pass by And
of the marros
To The Mugros
Tor Extarct Hijack and
To You Municipal
Commander of the Municipal Francisco Vera Mayor
Carmen Ortiz Terrazas
Director of Security [and TI Mugroso Del Marlon So They Will End Up Supporting
To the filthy I kill / Innocents of Los Marros Let it be clear that in Los Apaseos and Guanajuato _It is already

Do you have more informations?
Do you have more photos or videos?
Can you provide us (better) translation?

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