Innocent passenger slaughtered and eaten on bus

WINNIPEG, CANADA – JULY 30, 2008 The name of 22-year-old Tim McLean is black in the chronicles of Canadian police investigators. He was murdered, beheaded and eaten on a bus as he travelled the Trans-Canada Highway home to his hometown of Winnipeg.

Tim McLean

Tim McLean

McLean slept undisturbed with headphones on in the back of the bus. 40-year-old Vince Li approached him out of nowhere with a large knife and began stabbing him in the neck and chest. Passengers began screaming, the bus driver made an emergency stop and everyone fled the bus.

Vince Li

Vince Li

While waiting for the police to arrive Vince Li continued to massacre poor McLean. His head was cut off, which he then proudly displayed out the window to passengers outside the bus. He then returned to his corpse, which he began to eat.

VinceLi was arrested but never convicted of murder. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and went to a psychiatric hospital instead of jail.


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