Full video of Shuaib Aslam’s suicide

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA, USA – MARCH 14, 2018 Shuaib Naz “Shuaiby” Aslam was an 18 year old anime and computer game lover. His continuously worsening depression and poor relationship with his mother drove him to suicide. He shot himself in the head with a shotgun (Kel-Tec KSG model) on a live YouTube stream. During this, he had an active conversation with several people on Discord. A girl can be heard crying and shocked.

The full 50-minute video shows the suicide itself, but also the horrific aftermath. His brain literally exploded on the ceiling. Minutes later, a horrified mother runs into the room and finds her son dead. In shock, she calls 911.

Friends described Shuaib as a very nice and helpful boy. This was also undermined by the thoughtfulness he put into preparing his suicide. He set up a tarp in his room to make it easier to clean up his corpse. He also slipped a paper under the door with a note to his mother telling her that he is dead and she shouldn’t let his younger siblings see his dead body.

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