Interrogation and execution of member of CJNG

MEXICO A member of the infamous Mexican drug cartel CJNG has been captured by his rivals from the CSRL cartel. The man was interrogated and executed.


My name is Pablo Abel Zarate Procel aka El Babas. I worked for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel under the orders of David Zarate. He was in charge of extorting, killing innocent civilians, and disrupting society. They’ve done so much dirt here. Case in point would be how civilians were killed in the Pedegrinos, the Muñecas, in various establishments here in the city of Celaya. The only thing these individuals came to do in Celaya was dirty work. They’re so unlike the local mob here. This local crew has better standards and better ways. So, it’s for the best that we support the state of Guanajuato friends.

The New Generation Cartel is straight-up piggery. They kill and extort everyone. The guy known as El Ranchero would let me borrow a firearm to also do dumb shit and steal. I’m from Celaya and I know very well they things that they’ve done. Don Fidel, Emilio, and David Zarate. They’ve all committed an infinite amount of thuggery here. Innocent civilians were killed here for no justified reason. I want everyone to know that we all need to follow the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel

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